Klirrton Schnauze Noise Gate

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  • As heard on : "Sound Of (Boosted) Silence" by Dominic Decibel & The Noise Floors
  • Reason to buy : "So wait... Does it make your guitar louder or quieter?" We hear you pitifully cry! Yep, this surely is the Harvey Dent of the pedal world alright. “So it's the sonic equivalent of taking off in a supersonic jet, circling for 15 minutes and then landing right back where you started?”. In a word, no. This pedal can silence even the nosiest of rigs ( we're looking at you 5150... ) without even a hint of colouring your sound. You honestly won't know its there.... Until you hit the boost. Then you'll know it's there. Much in the same way that you'd know if an angry man with a hammer was there.
  • Reason not to buy : Once you achieve total silence... Then the loneliness sets in... Then the voices begin.
  • Fun fact : If the noise gate stream is crossed with the boost stream, in just the right way, total protonic reversal may occur...Or it may not.

Controls : Boost, Threshold 

Weight : 272g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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