JPTR FX Warlow Fuzz Monstrosity

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  • As heard on : “Warlow Can You Go?” by Franky Three Knobs & The Tough Muffs 
  • Reason to buy : Because some people just want more. Built the worlds fastest car? Well you can bet that someone is going to turbocharge it. Cooked the perfect burger? Get ready for some maniac to attack it with hot sauce. Constructed a submarine that can dive to depths never before achieved?…. Wait, what? Thats a weird analogy. Anyway, the point is, that no matter how far you push an idea, they'll always be someone, looking to push it further. Well what if that idea was a Big Muff? What if they didn't want to just say, “push it” further but more “fire it out of a cannon” further? Well then you'd have the ultimate expression of the Big Muff… Then you'd have a JPTR FX Warlow Fuzz. It sounds bigger, louder, angrier and altogether more advanced than anything that has come before… Oh and theres a switch inside that'll turn it into a RAT.
  • Reason not to buy : Well, we guess you may not like fuzz but HA HA HA HA HA, sorry that was just a little joke, "not like fuzz", HA HA! Oh god we're still getting over that one… No but seriously, it may just be too much for you. Maybe stick to the “fuzz” setting on your Helix for a little while. You know, walk before you can run. That kinda thing.
  • Fun fact : In Faroese, the word “Warlow”roughly translates as “Yeah but what would happen if we doubled the gain?”

Controls : Volume, Tone, Sustain, Engage Footswitch

Weight : 419g

Size : 12cm x 15cm x 6cm

Power : 9-18v 50ma Centre Negative 

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