JPTR FX Kaleidoscope Multi Reflector Unit

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  • As heard on : "Well I'doscope So" by Ben Tlite & The Reflectors
  • Reason to buy : Because for every road worn blues boy that is looking for the most tonally transparent and dynamically sensitive effects to plug into their small tweed combo, there is you…who isn't! Who needs tasteful spring reverb when you can have really sick, mentally unstable reverb? What JPTR FX have done here with the Kaleidoscope, is take your basic reverb effect and then inject it with hot doses of compression, modulation and drive… Oh and a bit more reverb as well. The JPTR FX Kaleidoscope swells, bangs, crashes and explodes your guitar signal in a way that is both sensory overload and for us weirdos, tonal nirvana. It's ability to be sent instantly into self oscillation with the hold control only adds to the fun/nightmare.
  • Reason not to buy : Once you've walked on the wild side, you may not be able to look at your collection of totally transparent clean boosts again… Either that, or you'll dye your hair green or something. Probably the hair dye thing. 
  • Fun fact : If you are struggling to work out how much reverb is the “right” amount for your use, then simply turn all the knobs up full. There, thats better, isn't it? 

Controls : Reverb, Swell, Feedback, Compression/Gain, Master Volume, Engage Footswitch, Hold Footswitch, Dry Kill Footswitch 

Weight : 570g

Size : 12cm x 14cm x 5.5cm

Power : 9v 120ma Centre Negative 

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