Formula B Trem Spring

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  • As heard on : "Spring In My Step" by Donny Ramper & The Square Waves
  • Reason to buy : Guitarist's rarely agree on anything, right? Wrong! We all know that Reverb and Tremolo are the two best effects, so why not have them in the same box, you know like Grandad had back in the 1800's? Well the guys and girls over at Formula B are 2 steps ahead of us. This red radiant reverberator will have you busting out your favourite trem drenched '"Stones" licks in no time. Take a bow Formula B, The Trem Spring is the real deal!
  • Reason not to buy : Grandad will only want to borrow it all the time. Simmer down old man!
  • Fun fact : Reverb and Tremolo were first heard together on Donald Trump's 1922 hit single "I Did It All For Bae".

Controls : Speed, Mix, Depth, Decay, Order Switch

Weight : 348g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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