Big Ear Pedals BE-104 Albie Ambient Modulator

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  • As heard on : "Albie There For You" by Dani Lovelips & The Gated Snares 
  • Reason to buy : Because you love the 1980's. Be it New Wave, Synth-Pop, or Techno, you're there with bells on. You're more 80's than taking a Delorean to a Prince gig. There's only one problem. If you want to recreate any of these legendary sounds you're going to need a doctorate in sound engineering, what with an average of 37 seperate synthesisers used on the majority of records from that decade. Well the good people over at Big Ear Pedals are here to help! With just two ( thats right, one more than one but not as many as three ) knobs you can have the luscious soundscapes of that most decadent of era's, at the click of a footswitch. Simply select which reverberated sonic palette you require with the effects knob and then adjust how much of it you want with the blend knob. It's so simple even a bassist could use it! Ha ha, that's just a little joke. Of course a bassist couldn't use it. The Albie really is the last word in simple to use, modulated reverb heaven… Eye liner and inflated ego not included. 
  • Reason not to buy : You'll become hooked on the type of instant gratification that Albie provides. Your ability to learn, apply yourself and "stick at it" will wither until before you know it, you'll have become a social media influencer…
  • Fun fact : The word "Albie" roughly translates to "Of course it needs more modulated reverb Zack! Now pour me another Babycham and get ready for the synth solo..." in Icelandic.

Controls : Effect, Blend, Bypass Footswitch 

Weight : 254g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm

Power : 9v 111ma Centre Negative 

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