Stomp Under Foot Violet Menace Fuzz

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  • As heard on : "(Dennis The)Menace To Society" by Dr Bones McCoy & The Federation 
  • Reason to buy : Because on the list of "Things we guitarists want", it goes; an amp that does Fender cleans and Marshall drives, a global reduction of single use plastics and then right at the top... Mids! We love them, don't we? Well Stomp Under Foot are well aware of this unquenchable thirst for the middle range and so have added a control to their frankly already awesome Ram's Head fuzz circuit that allows you to cut or boost that most sought after of frequencies. Say hello to the Violet Menace. Struggling to be heard over the other 4 guitarists in your proto-noise band? Crank the mids! Looking for a bit more snarl to your desert rock riffs? Crank the mids? Fallen out with your father in law? Crank the mids! 
  • Reason not to buy : The Force has both light and dark sides. So do mids. For everyone that cranks, there are those that scoop. Beware the scoop side. It is filled with hatred and those chains that attach your wallet to your jeans, for absolutely no reason. 
  • Fun fact : The colour violet was invented in 1923 using an early copy of Microsoft Paint.

Controls : Level, Fuzz, Mids, Tone, Bypass Footswitch 

Weight : 274g

Size : 12cm x 4cm x 6.5cm

Power : 9v 8ma Centre Negative 

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