NativeAudio Pretty Bird Woman V1.0 Chorus

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  • As heard on : "Pretty Cool, Huh?" by Ava Bird & The Cheeky Beaks
  • Reason to buy : Because this might be the greatest name for a pedal that we've ever heard. Just say it out loud, “Pretty Bird Woman”. It's brilliant right? It even sounds like the words you would use to describe chorus or vibrato to someone who doesn't play guitar, “Oh that little box? Well when I step on it, it makes my guitar sound like a pretty bird woman." The fact that it was the traditional Blackfeet name for the owners grandmother makes it even cooler still! None of this would of course matter, if the pedal was rubbish. Well, shock horror, NativeAudio have yet again mixed “ease of use” with “oh my god that sounds incredible” and come up with a winner. Two knobs and quite literally all of the classic chorus and vibrato sounds. See you later CE2…"I hope that someone get's my message in a bottle…." 
  • Reason not to buy : With it's ability to save your favourite settings as presets you won't be able to get enough of all this chorus and vibrato goodness. Eventually you'll join a new wave band and start telling people that you don't have a name, only a symbol. 
  • Fun fact : Chorus was invented by the Greeks, around the 1200's. 

Controls : Depth, Rate

Weight : 309g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm 

Power : 9v 50ma Centre Negative 

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