Klirrton Grindstein Distortion

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  • As heard on : "Where is my Grind?" by Franklin Noir & The Goblin Gang 
  • Reason to buy : How many times have you dug out your old HM-2 on a Sunday morning, only to find that it is not nearly brutal enough for the sonic debauchery that you had in mind this fine Sabbath? Well, luckily for you, Carsten over at Klirrton Manufaktur is on hand to help. You see he had the good decency to merge a HM-2 style circuit ( against it's will ) to something altogether more modern and huge. This sonically poisonous pairing is a match made in hell as the lows of the modern "Bottomshaker" side, perfectly balance out the in your face mids of the "Chainsaw" side... In the same way that the insane Bonnie balanced out the murderous Clyde. If thats not enough for you cowards, how about an onboard effects loop that allows you to marry your own drives with the "Chainsaw" circuit? We can hear our little Rat squirming now the poor thing! 
  • Reason not to buy : No distortion may be "enough" for you after this. You'll leave death metal gigs simply with your hands in your pockets saying things like, "Yeah it was quite nice. Nice tone..." 
  • Fun fact : No one knows exactly how many Klirrton Grindsteins there are in the wild as once they are released, they're almost impossible to catch.

Controls : Grind, High, Master, Treble, Bass, Gain, Boost, Midcut, Mix, Phase Switch, Bypass Footswitch

Weight : 566g

Size : 14.5cm x 12cm x 4cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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