JPTR FX Super Weirdo Fuzz Modulator

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  • As heard on : “Weirdo All The Good Guys Go?” by Sue Pear & The Prickle Ricks 
  • Reason to buy : Oh come on! It's called the Super Weirdo for christ's sake!? You've been waiting for this moment since you picked up the guitar in the first place! What's not to instantly love about a pedal, designed for guitar, that is called the Super Weirdo? Exactly! Now that you're on board, we'll describe in layman’s terms what it actually does… Imagine a fuzz pedal. A really nice, full thick fuzz pedal, that lives on a nice street, pays its taxes and even host's the occasional BBQ for its equally nice neighbours. Now imagine that same fuzz pedal is secretly holding a delay pedal hostage in the basement. Oh and it's a really really really modulated delay pedal. Being held. Against it's will. That's the JPTR FX Super Weirdo. See? Simple really. 
  • Reason not to buy : This could be a gateway pedal to other, even weirder ideas. One minute you could be enjoying the off beat pleasures of the Super Weirdo, as it crushes ever shortening repeats into explosions of self oscillation… The next, you'll be wondering what would happen if you created your own sick, homemade centipede out of Tube Screamers… 
  • Fun fact : “Super Weirdo” in French, roughly translates to “We had no idea! He was such a nice fuzz pedal. So kind and gentle. This is last thing we expected…” 

Controls : Master Volume, Feedback Mix, Low Pass Filter, Time, Time Amount, Glitch Footswitch, Bypass Footswitch

Weight : 530g

Size : 12cm x 14cm x 6cm

Power : 9v 80ma Centre Negative 

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