JPTR FX Fernweh Vintage Voiced Dual Delay

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  • As heard on : "Between Two Fernwehs" by Zach Wild & The Awkward Silences
  • Reason to buy : Ah, a vintage voiced delay. You always know where you are with a vintage voiced delay, don't you? Nice and predictable in a lovely, soft, hazey sort of a way. Like a nice glass of merlot as you watch the September sun set. Well the JPTR FX Fernweh is a bit like that… if, rather than sunsets, black holes falling in on themselves are more your thing… Oh and you topped that glass of red up with lighter fluid. You see the Fernweh is in fact two vintage delay circuits that can be set to limitlessly cascade into each other, all for your listening pleasure. It's the kind of pedal that can turn a simple chord pattern you've been working on, into hours upon hours of inspired fun. Hook your favourite (fuzz) pedal up to the on board effects loop, that sits in between the two delays and you really can go intergalactic! Lock the door, turn your phone off, plug in and head to the nearest black hole…
  • Reason not to buy : You may become addicted to having two of everything. The simple charms of a single chorus pedal will no longer quench your thirst for all things duplicated. Before you know it you'll be demanding everything in triplicate.
  • Fun fact : The word “Fernweh” is Icelandic for “Watch as I make these two delay pedals fight”.

Controls : Mix, Time, Feedback, Alternate Time, Swell Amount, Mix 2, Time 2, Feedback 2

Weight : 590g

Size : 12cm x 14cm x 5.5cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 80ma

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