JPTR FX Add Violence Planetary Disorder Unit

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  • As heard on : "We Could Always Just Add Violence…" by Father Johnson & The Blue Tie Brigade 
  • Reason to buy : Because you've yet to find the fuzz that truly terrifies you. To be clear, we're not talking about the “Look out! There's a train coming!” kind of terror. No, we are referring to the “Holy shit! What the hell happened last night and who's body is that in the bath tub!?” kid of terror. Well congratulations, your search is over. The JPTR FX Add Violence is that very nightmare machine that you so bleakly seek. What those sickos over at JPTR FX have done is take the already very fuzzy Univox Superfuzz circuit, bolt on the aural equivalent of a supercharger, make an offensive joke or two about it's mother and then release it into the wild. You won't so much want to “add violence” as “add yourself into a witness protection programme”. It's absolutely fantastic.
  • Reason not to buy : It'll all be fun and games until the Add Violence turns on you and your other pedals. Before you know whats going on you'll be paying it rent and trying not to look it in the eyes… 
  • Fun fact : It is rumoured that the only way to keep an Add Violence docile is to use high strength larger and Brit-Pop records from the 90's. Further details however are thin on the ground.

Controls : Volume, Gain, Tone, Diode Switch, Bypass Footswitch 

Weight : 254g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm

Power : 9v 111ma Centre Negative 

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