Hilbish Design Sol-Invictus

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  • As heard on : "Change The Channel" by Steve Martini & The Cucumber Quartet 
  • Reason to buy : Bigger is better... resulting in this pedal being the best! Ever stared down at the latest smaller, lighter, faster multi-fx pedal and thought, "I must destroy you"? Then this behemoth of sludge wonder is for you ( and us ). Packed with two whole channels ( presets to you kids ), the Sol Invictus can do both sounds...angry and turbo p**sed! If thats not enough, you can also plug it straight into a power section or desk and truly crush worlds. 
  • Reason not to buy : The kind of people that exclusively use mini pedals will inevitably talk about you behind your back. 
  • Fun fact : Apparently it will do clean sounds as well but no one has ever been bothered to confirm this...

Controls : Gain A, Treble A, Middle A, Bass A, Volume A, Gain B, Treble B, Middle B, Bass B, Volume B, Master. 

Weight : 1620g

Size : 20cm x 15cm x 4.5cm

Power : 9v 200ma Centre Negative 

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