Frost Giant Electronics Surya Fuzz

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As heard on : “Surya Can't Park There” by Officer Bill & The Ticket Boys 

Reason to buy : So you've always wanted a Tonebender. Sure, who hasn't? Specifically a MKII. Good choice. However you'd like a few changes. Nothing drastic, mainly you just fancy for it's very soul to be ripped out and replaced by that of a demented, world eating god from another universe. Ah, why didn't you say earlier? You'll be wanting a Frost Giant Surya then! You see what Eric has done here is supercharge a poor old Tonebender to be much much more. More gain, more low end, more punch, more insanity. Get ready because here comes the heavy!  

Reason not to buy : You may have to reinforce your pedalboard due to the unbelievable heft of tones available. Hell, you may have to reinforce your house. 

Fun fact : "Surya" is an ancient Greek word that roughly translates to “Go on, I dare you to turn it up full and step on it. Double dare you!” 

Controls : Volume, Tone, Fuzz, Bias, Focus, Bass Boost Switch 

Weight : 550g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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