Frost Giant Electronics Architects Of Reality Preamp

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As heard on : “Artificial Reality” by Archie Tekt & The Severed Fingers 

Reason to buy : Because everyone's got a “Marshall-in-a-box” pedal on their board, haven't they? But how many cats are rocking up to the gig, armed with a “Laney-in-a-box” pedal? I'll tell you how many… one…or….errrrrr….maybe two. Three at the very most and thats only if its “total legends” night. The Architects of Reality isn't just based of any old Laney amp, oh no, we're talking about the legendary AOR series from that high point of human existence, the 1980's! This two channelled sucker can go from Corvette driving, hair metal crunch right through to “pass me the bong…no the big one” down-tuned sludge, all whilst wearing the tightest denim jeans available to man. God it's good. 

Reason not to buy : Can any of us in today's modern sanitised world really handle the outright, bare chested ferocity of this heavy metal relic from the golden age? Your Kemper will almost certainly have to be re-homed for its own safety. 

Fun fact : Reality is a fever dream of our own making, a shared consciousness where only chaos reigns supreme… The music however is pretty good. 

Controls : Presence, Bass, Mids, Treble, Bass Boost Switch, Mids Boost Switch, Treble Boost Switch, AOR Volume, Master Volume, Preamp Gain, AOR Gain

Weight : 550g

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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