Free The Tone TRI AVATAR Multidimensional Chorus

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  • As heard on : “Dimensional Beings” by Avi Tar & The Big Blue Pandora People
  • Reason to buy : Finally! A pedal company that realises the cinematic genius of Mr Cameron and releases a tribute to his 2009 opus Ava… Oh, hang on. Wait a second… Ah, I see what we've done here. Yeah ignore that last bit. Lets start again. So you're after a chorus pedal that both destroys all other chorus pedals and has absolutely no discernible links to a big budget film from the late 2000's? Well the Free The Tone TRI AVATAR is that very chorus pedal you seek! You see the TRI AVATAR gives you control over 3 individual signals (left, centre and right) to allow the creation of the clearest, deepest and most aurally pleasing chorus tones this side of a Police record. Once dialled in, it'll let you save those sweet sweet tones as presets, to be recalled at will, when the mood strikes. If you really want to supercharge the effect, you can even run it in stereo but this could result in you instantly growing a mullet and wearing acid washed jeans. 
  • Reason not to buy : Not everyone is ready for multidimensional effects pedals. If you find yourself becoming frustrated with single dimensional pedals, then the TRI AVATAR could bring on a full blown mental breakdown or at the very least, a loss of appetite. 
  • Fun fact : Chorus was Burt Reynolds favourite type of modulation.

Controls : Left Depth Control, Centre Depth Control, Right Depth Control, Tone Control, Rate Control, Level Control, Dry Mix Control, On/Off Footswitch, Preset Footswitch

Weight : 380g 

Size : 12cm x 10cm x 6cm

Power : 9v 150ma Centre Negative

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