Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME Digital Delay

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  • As heard on : “Time Is A Healer” by Ian Flight & The Co-Pilots
  • Reason to buy : Seriously? Just look at it! When we first got our hands on a FLIGHT TIME, we didn't know whether to dial up a luscious, high fidelity delay or launch a “Connery” Bond era nuclear weapon with it!? Just to be clear, its an amazing sounding homage to those, oh so clever, professional, rackmounted delays of the 1980's but none of that would matter if it DIDN'T HAVE LOADS OF REALLY COOL RETRO DIGITAL DISPLAYS ON IT! I mean who cares what it sounds like, when it looks like this?! Ok, now we've got that off our chest, we can also tell you about the insanely clever BPM analysing technology that comes with this pedal. Yep, this is a delay pedal that can actively listen and workout the BPM of your playing and adjust the repeat time accordingly. The FLIGHT TIME is so intelligent in fact, that it can even offset those repeats in order to not get lost in the mix! Unbelievable Jeff!
  • Reason not to buy : The Flight Time is undoubtedly self aware. It's only a matter of time before it turns on us all.
  • Fun fact : Rumour has it that the very first Flight Time was sent back from an apocalyptic future to find Sarah Connor and provide her with a vast array of great sounding delay options…

Controls : On/Off/Stop/Down Footswitch, Tap/Play/Preset/Up Footswitch

Weight : 560g 

Size : 14.5cm x 12cm x 6cm

Power : 9-12v 400ma Centre Negative

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