Dunn Effects Death Knob HM-2 EQ Blender Pink

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  • As heard on : "Crystal Death Addict" by Davey “Brown Gums” & The Friendly Lieutenants
  • Reason to buy : Here at Pedalboarders, we're big fans of things/films/people/cats that nail their colours to the mast and are ready to die on their chosen hill. No messing about, no trying to please everyone, just setting a goal and head butting anything that gets in the way. You know like, Zlatan Ibrahimović or Star Wars Episode VIII : The Search For More Licensable Merchandise. You could definitely include the legendary Boss HM-2 in that list; here was a pedal that not only actually said the words “Heavy Metal” on it but also sounded as disgusting as you'd hope. Well Dunn Effects have just earned their place on this imaginary list as well as one upping the aforementioned HM-2 with the…are you ready for this?… The Death Knob! Oh come on, that's brilliant, isn't it!? Take that disgusting EQ section from the HM-2 and simply allow it to be blended via one solitary knob into your existing distortion tone. It was almost too easy… 
  • Reason not to buy : You'll start by thinking “Yeah, you know I could do with a little more nastiness. A little more hot sauce on the taco, so to speak.” Then, before you know it you'll be running the Dunn Effects Death Knob flat out and playing in a Scandinavian black metal band, complete with un-intelligible logo, every weekend. Yeah alright, sold.
  • Fun fact : Swedish Death Metal is Philip Scofield's third favourite sub-genre of metal.

Controls : Blend, Engage Footswitch

Weight : 237g

Size 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative

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