Big Ear Pedals BE-103 Elle Reverb

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  • As heard on : "To Elle And Back" by Paul Hall & The Plated Verbs 
  • Reason to buy : "Reverb is the glue that holds our little six string sonic sandwich together". It's an analogy as old as time itself. Get your reverb right and you'll be guaranteed success and adoration in equal, overflowing amounts... Probably. Well it doesn't get more "right" than the Big Ear Pedals Elle! This little black sparkly space machine can go from gentle spring slap back ( ask your Grandad ) to mind-altering, modulated hall 'verbs at the twist of a knob. Fine tune those kaleidoscopic reflections with the colour knob and then bathe in their glory. Did we mention it was also sparkly? 
  • Reason not to buy : You may become psychologically trapped by the utter beauty of it all, yet another prisoner of perfect reverb. Either that or you'll just start over using it at band practice. 
  • Fun fact : Reverb was reported to be Napoleon's favourite effect, followed closely by chorus and then digital delay… 

Controls : Colour, Blend, Dwell, Bypass Footswitch

Weight : 288g 

Size : 12cm x 6.5cm x 4cm 

Power : 9v 100ma Centre Negative

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