Bad Penny FX Wireless Germanium Fuzz

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  • As heard on : "Wireless Charging" by Barry Cuda & The Bermuda Boys 
  • Reason to buy : Because sometimes you just need to indulge in the simple pleasures of the past. We are of course talking about the delights of vintage fuzz circuits! Now, you can't go all vintage without at least mentioning that classic bender of tone... The Mk3. Famous for coming after the Mk2, the 3rd incarnation of the Bender made use of something called "Germanium transistors" which usually would only be something that perpetually single, hairy men on internet forums could get excited about, however those little transistors are where all that biting fuzzed out magic happenes and guess what else has got them in...yep, the Bad Penny FX Wireless fuzz! This five knobbed nightmare in brushed aluminium harks right back to the days filled with a whole lotta love and if fully cranked can be a real heartbreaker! Sorry to ramble on... Jimmy Page. 
  • Reason not to buy : You'll become obsessed by the past, believing everything was better "in the good ol' days". Hard to imagine really, isn't it?... Stares at collection of guitars designed 60 years ago.
  • Fun fact : Germanium transistors are known for their ability to turn those discussing them, into the most boring entity in all of the Universe.

Controls : Bias, Fuzz, Filter, Master, Bass, Bypass Footswitch

Weight : 450g

Size : 12.5cm x 11.5cm x 7cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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