Bad Penny FX Widow Fuzz

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  • As heard on : "Stain Glass Widow" by Larry Brioche & Eggy Breads
  • Reason to buy : Have you ever taken your favourite fuzz pedal and then boosted it with mid range focused overdrive? You haven’t? What do you think you're playing at!? Listen we haven’t got time to get into it now but just know, we're disappointed in you. Luckily, Bad Penny FX have made things really easy here by putting a lovely overdrive in the same box as a rabid, repugnant fuzz circuit... Don't feel sorry for that little overdrive, we're pretty sure it's done something terrible and deserves it's place. You can't use the overdrive on its own but who cares, right? No instead, dial in some light breakup on your amp, turn both sides on, crank the gains and commit sonic atrocities! God we love a boosted fuzz. 
  • Reason not to buy : You become hooked on boosting everything with a light overdrive, from modulation pedals to your own grandmother. Sicko.
  • Fun fact : In Flemish, the word "Widow" roughly translates to "Get me out of this little wooden box! There's a psycho in here!"

Controls : Volume, Drive, Bite, Tone, Evil Switch, Bypass Footswitch

Weight : 432g

Size : 12.5cm x 11.5cm x 7cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative

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