Bad Penny FX The Fuzz Controller Fuzz

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  • As heard on : “Fuzzy Duck” by Artimus Specklehound & The Thruppenny Bits 
  • Reason to buy : Because you’ve never owned a steam powered fuzz pedal, straight from the pumping heart of the industrial revolution before have you? This ash housed hooligan, is the type of fuzz that can do it all. From “Excuse me Old Bean, you’ve just spilt my gin, not a bother, simply procure another for my delectation…” all the way to “How dare you rapscallion, I challenge thee to a duel! Fetch my pistol and fighting slippers…”, this wooden boxed wonder has got you covered. The inclusion of a “Starve” control is a lovely touch, meaning you can dial in exactly how much splutter you require in the overall sonic chaos. Oh and it's not steam powered. Obviously. 
  • Reason not to buy : You may start wearing your hair in a centre parting and using words like “Poppycock” or “Spiffing”. 
  • Fun Fact : The "Fuzz Controller" was our favourite "Thomas The Tank Engine" wait, hang on…..

Controls : Gain, Starve, Volume, Clipping Switch, Bass Cut/Boost Switch, Bypass Footswitch

Weight : 445g

Size : 12.5cm x 11.5cm x 7cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative

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