Bad Penny FX Quagswag Fuzz Boost

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  • As heard on : "Bag Of Swag" by Rik Dangerous & The Gentlemen Thieves 
  • Reasons to buy : Because you like your fuzz to be filthy. Not just a little bit anti-social, we're talking full on ASBO territory on the wrong side of town! This black box of big barbaric tones spits, sizzles and splutters. Then if you're feeling really brave, you can pop in your favourite gum shield and engage the onboard boost. Its the sonic equivalent of finishing off a bottle of your favourite tequila... through your eyeball. This thing is savage with a capital "Oh my god! My eyes! My poor poor eyes!". You've been warned. 
  • Reasons not to buy : There is every chance it'll start a fight with your Nan. No if's, not but's, just wade in and deck her. 
  • Fun fact : You should never ever ever feed a Quagswag after midnight.

Controls : Volume, Gain, Fuzz, Boost, Full/Sharp Switch, Engage Footswitch, Alter Footswitch

Weight : 458g

Size : 12.5cm x 11.5cm x 7cm

Power : 9v Centre Negative 

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