We've partnered with Klarna!

Louise Smart
Thu, Sep 23, 21

We all love these brightly coloured, little stomp boxes of tone but whats better than pedals? Oh that's easy, more pedals! 

We've now partnered with Klarna to allow our customers buy the pedal of their dreams, right now and pay later... At no extra cost! 

You can choose to pay in 30 days from when you placed the order or split the total cost into 3 equal payments, collected every 30 days. Both of these options have no added interest or fees. How good is that!? 

Have you constantly been eyeing that dreamy digital delay pedal? Maybe you're fancying that feral fuzz box? Well now its even easier to build up your dream pedalboard whilst keeping everything in budget. 

All the terms and conditions are available here : 


So, what are you going to go for first? 

tate fx raise the dead, dr scientist bit quest