Not A Great Time To Be A Legend...

Louise Smart
Sat, Jul 31, 21

Hell of a week... 

First Joey Jordison, one of the founding members of Slipknot was found dead and then Dusty Hill of ZZ Top legend passed away in his sleep. Both were absolute colossus’s in the music world, achieving more than most of us put together. An incredibly sad pair of losses. 

The news has put us in a somewhat reflective mood... Are we running out of Legends? Is the "Rock Star", for want of a better term, quite literally a dying breed? 

It's a thought that seems to be being vocalised more and more in music circles but is it founded in any truth? Sure, they'll always be great artists and exciting bands, but we're talking about the next explosion here. Guns & Roses. Nirvana. Eminem. Slipknot. Papa Roach ( Just checking that you were paying attention...). Acts that transcended their genre and quite simply changed the game. 

Is there no "next big thing" or are we just looking in the wrong places? Maybe the scarier, alternative version to that question for us, is, "...or are we just too old to see it?". Have I finally turned into my Dad, blindly clinging on to my own musical safety blanket, that I knitted as a spotty teenager?... It's not out of the realms of possibility is it!? 

To come slightly back "on topic", one of the things that excites us the most here at Pedalboarders HQ is that someone, somewhere buys that dream pedal off us and goes and does something amazing with it. Something new, that we didn't see coming and blows us all away. That would be the best thing ever and for all we know, it could be happening right now...

So in summary, all we want you to do is buy some pedals from us and then go and be bigger than Nirvana. Yeah that's it. Good news letter. Nailed it. 

See you soon