Let's Talk About Big Ear Pedals...

Louise Smart
Thu, Feb 03, 22

You can just tell, when something is really loved can't you? Be it a puppy, the fourth and fifth instalments of a nine part space saga or something much cooler than those last two things, like a range of guitar pedals. There's just something about them that let's you know that a large amount of time and energy has been spent, sweating the details, to ensure they are as good as they can possibly be... Well Big Ear are that very range of "oh so loved" pedals we're talking about! 

Started by Grant Wilson and his partner Karen Schierhorn ( easily the best name in the business ) Big Ear Pedals ( formerly Big Ear N.Y.C ) set out from the start to produce both a great looking and great sounding range of pedals that were as easy to use as anything else on the market. 

For us, its the effort that has gone into the tiny details of this pedal range that really impresses. Take the Big Ear Albie. Named after Albert the cat, each pedal comes with a message from Albert ( he's very well read ) and some of the coolest artwork this side of a freshly discovered Banksy. I mean sure, it does't hurt that the pedal itself is absurdly easy to use ( two knobs ) yet houses within it, pretty much every combination of effects that you would ever need for your 80's inspired "New Wave" project. It's bordering on genius but Grant and Karen could have just sat on their laurels, called it "The Swirly Reverb Machine", painted it hot pink and it would have still been a massive success. They didn't though. No, they considered every detail and the story behind the project. They poured their heart and soul into it and you can, honestly, really tell. That's why both they and Big Ear Pedals rock! 

Then you've got the Big Ear Wood Cutter. Here we have a masterful take on the classic RAT that somehow manages to be useable on every possible combination of settings. It's truly one of those pedals that could fit into everyones rig. Trust us, you'll find a use for it... Then you'll become hopelessly addicted to it and just leave it on all the time. Again, this could have just been a straight up RAT copy but somehow, it feels more than that. Not because it's got loads and loads of additional features but because it's well thought out and perfectly executed. Like a RAT from a really supportive home. 

Reverb fans will love the Big Ear Elle as again this a pedal that is more than just the sum of its parts. A three knob reverb has been done many times over, yet here we have a pedal that inspires you to go off in different directions. You'll end up bouncing off it, allowing it to challenge you to try something new. The way it ever so slightly modulates, in an unpredictable yet musical manner means that here we have yet another Big Ear product with soul. Its more than just an effects pedal. Its something to make music with. 

...and if that music is of the fist pumping, hip shaking kind, then you are going to want to try out a Loaf! Imagine a cross between a fuzz pedal and that old valve amp at the rehearsal space that everyone loves. The one that just sounds "right". That's what the Big Ear Loaf gives you. It's another inspirational bit of gear that just sounds "right" for what you want to play, there and then. Thats a running theme in fact. At no point have we ever had to fight a Big Ear product to get it to work in the way we had in mind. They just seem to know what you want and deliver the goods. 

We're over the moon to have finally brought Big Ear Pedals to the UK. The pedal world is an infinitely better place for Grant and Karen. To be able to deliver a range of pedals like these, takes something really special. Not just incredible vision, motivation and hard work but a whole lot of love as well...Bravo guys! Bravo!

See ya soon