We're Open!

Louise Smart
Tue, Jul 13, 21

Well well well. After months and months of long nights and nervous looks towards the joint bank account, we finally did it! We've started our very own business. From scratch. Sure, we knew nothing about building a website, or even taking decent pictures to put on that website, however once again it was proved that anything is possible with enough red wine. 

So now we've opened, what do we want to do with it?

Easy. We want to provide all our fellow pedalboarders ( that means you ) with the coolest, rarest and craziest pedals out there. You know, the kind of floor dwelling, footswitch laden tone boxes that keep us all up at night.

So buckle in ( To what? You're probably just sat on your sofa. ) and get ready ( Again, for what? Don't have a clue. ) as we've only just begun.


We might even make you laugh along the way...