A Big Thank You!

Louise Smart
Sat, Jul 24, 21

We've made it through our first week and so far nothing has exploded or caught fire... Not yet anyway! 

That's why we thought this would be a great time to simply say, thank you! 

Thank you to all the people that have checked out our little website. Thank you to all of our suppliers, who have been good enough to take a chance on us when there are so many other dealers out there and most of all thank you to those of you that have made a purchase! Your support has been frankly unbelievable. 

To be honest, we're still both pinching ourselves that we have opened our own business. This has been a dream for such a long time and we're determined to make it a successful one. With that in mind, watch this space for more pedals, more stupid videos and most importantly, more of our favourite dogs.

See you soon fellow Pedalboarders!